"My heart felt like it was super-glued to my thyroid..."

Yesterday morning I went for a walk.  My kids were at camp for the morning, and I had some much needed "mom" time.   Pure bliss, right?  Not quite...

About halfway through the walk I started feeling crazy anxious. Like I was not where I needed to be, and that I should be doing something different.  I knew in my head that I was exactly where I was supposed to be at that moment, but I couldn't seem to shake that feeling.  I turned around and started heading back to my car, taking deep breaths, calming breaths and trying to relax the whole way.  About halfway back to the car, I started to cry...  it was a beautiful day, I should be enjoying this time by myself in a beautiful park, and the exercise I was getting...  but I couldn't.  I was frustrated at myself for feeling that way, which wasn't helping to make matters any better.  

Emotions are a very interesting thing.   We come out of the womb with the ability to express emotions (and quite well, I might add) in order to have our physical and emotional needs met.  Somewhere along the way, because of life experiences, those abilities to connect and have our needs filled in a healthy way... well it gets a bit more complicated.  You've seen the movie Inside Out right?  

So emotions... they don't function based on logic alone.   Actually, they are controlled by the limbic lobe of the brain, a tiny little part right in the very center... right by your olfactory nerve (nasal passage).   That limbic lobe actually is the control center for everything - decision making,  memory, learning, social skills, and more.  Want to learn more?  Check this out:  https://www.spinalcord.com/limbic-lobe

So back to my walk...  When I finally made it back to my car, I took out my bottle of Stress away and put a drop on my wrists and one over my heart.  Ahh!!! Sweet relief!!!  And it what INSTANT!  Isn't that crazy?!

Today I went again and loaded up with these two oils - Stress Away and Valor - BEFORE I headed out on my walk.  I did TWO laps (about 5ish miles) and enjoyed every minute of it!   The sunshine, the trees, the birds, the smiles of the other walkers, the dogs who needed a pat on the head, the "mom" time....  It was exactly how it should have been.  

As I was walking, and feeling grateful for a simple solution that allowed me to get some exercise without feeling awful, I start to  think...  maybe you know someone who would benefit from hearing my story.  If so, would you share it with them?  <3

Summer Outdoor Spray

Summer Outdoor Spray
Grab a glass spray bottle and make your outdoor adventures this year great!

The Search for SAFE

How to Become A Member

How to Become a Member

The steps below will walk you through the sign-up process to become a Young Living member. A few simple steps and your oils will be on their way to your home!

Step 1 – Click the Place An Order button above, then click the button at the top that says "Become A Member"
Step 2 – Member Signup page
A) Make sure “Member” is checked instead of “Retail Customer.” (Becoming a member is the only way to get access to the kit and the 24% discount you get afterwards. It’s really important!)
B) Select “I was referred by a Young Living member, and I have his or her member number.” and make sure my member # is filled in the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID blanks.  (This information may already be completed, verify at checkout that you have the right sponsor)
C) Choose your Country and Language.
D) Click “Continue” button

Step 3 – Starter Kits
A) Select which kit you would like. I highly recommend the Premium Starter Kit. This is definitely the best value and gives you everything you need jump start your essential oil journey. When you choose the Premium Starter Kit you will also get to choose a diffuser.  The Dewdrop Diffuser is what I personally recommend.
B)  You will also have the option to start the Essential Rewards program. This is a great program with many benefits including discounted shipping and free products. You are not obligated to sign up for Essential Rewards.
(Optional)  Elite, Supreme, and Premier Packages   
Depending on the package you have selected you will customize your order by following the instructions for that package below:
For the Elite Lifestyle Package:
In the Set up your Monthly Order box, select the blue box that says “Customize Monthly Order” and scroll to Business Opportunity and Click on Essential Rewards Packages.  Add both the Thieves Essential Rewards and Ningxia Red Essential Rewards kits
If you’re tackling toxin-free living head on, this is the best way to start!
Click on the check box that says “Confirm Monthly Order”, then click the blue “Next” button

Proceed to Step 4
Supreme Package:
In the Set up your Monthly Order box, select the blue box that says “Customize Monthly Order” and scroll to Business Opportunity and Click on Essential Rewards Packages. .  Add the Ningxia Red Essential Rewards kit and then search for  “Thieves Household Cleaner” or product number “3743” and add it. This is our most popular package and a great value!  Click “Save Monthly Order” And then at the next screen click on the check box that says “Confirm Monthly Order”, then click the blue “Next” button 
Proceed to Step 4
Premier Package:
In the Set up your Monthly Order box, choose Thieves Essential Rewards Kit. Click on the check box that says “Confirm Monthly Order”, then click the blue “Next” button

Proceed to Step 4
Premium Starter Kit only:
I highly recommend hopping on the Essential Rewards right away to start earning and save on shipping.  You can pick up a bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner (item 3743) and a few other favorites by selecting the “Customize Monthly Order” to shop for what you want.  If you prefer to opt out of the Essential Rewards program, just skip over the “Set up your Monthly Order” box, Click the blue “Next” button and then the blue “Continue Enrollment” on the pop-up screen to opt out of Essential Rewards at this time.  (You can always add it later)
 Click the “Next” button.
If you don't choose to start Essential Rewards a window will pop-up asking if you want to proceed without it. Click "Proceed To Checkout" button.

Step 4 – Information Page
A) Fill out all the information. Enter your account information and pick a user-name, password, and 4-digit PIN
(write these down - you’ll need them to log in!)
If you are planning to share and earn, be sure to enter your Social Security or Tax ID number for tax purposes.  Otherwise select the top option with no ID number.
Choose your shipping, pay and check out.
B) Make sure you write down your username, password, and PIN#. You will need you username and password anytime you login and your pin when you call into Member Services.
C) Check “I have read and agree to the terms of the Young Living Essential Oils Member Agreement.”
D) Click “Agree and Continue” button

Step 5 – Shipping and Billing
A) Select your preferred shipping method, double check your shipping address and enter your billing information. (Billing Information will stay on file and you can automatically use this card for future purchases.)
I highly recommend the Fedex options for shipping, as they come with tracking.  It will ensure you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary to receive your package even if something happens in transit.  
B) Click “Next” button
Step 6 – Enrollment Summary
A) Confirm all of your information is correct.
B) Click “Activate and Place Order” button.
I remember how excited I was to receive my package. Your membership will stay active as long as you spend at least $50 in a calendar year. You do not have to continue to “renew” your membership…that kit was a one-time purchase and you will remain a member as long as you spend that $50 a year.
The Next Step is to get in touch with me to get connected with resources & tools!
The steps below will walk you through the sign-up process to become a Young Living member. A few simple steps and your oils will be on their way to your home!

2 Birds Deodorant

2 Birds Deodorant
This deodorant recipe is an adaptation of the recipe my mom shared with me.
She said its the only deodorant she has re-applied post-funk and noticed she smelled better.  I noticed the same thing!  For hers, she used Lavender and Tea tree oils in place of the Purification and Frankincense.  My friend Samantha has also used this recipe and shared with others, and found that a few people had instances where they had odor issues still, but only in high stress situations, so she added 8-10 drops of Stress Away to it, and that seemed to solve the issue.  Please note, this recipe will not stop you from sweating, as that is a natural body function necessary for eliminating toxins.
You may be asking why Purification and Frankincense?  And what's up with the funny recipe name?   Well, I had learned that Purification is great for getting rid of bad smells, and that Frankincense happens to be great for promoting breast health.  This recipe was designed to help me do something every day that will help keep me smelling fresh and doing something great for my breast health at the same time, thus two birds (with the same stone).
Feel free to change the oils to suit your own preferences, though I highly recommend an oil that contains at least some tea tree oil.  One more idea:  I love the smell of GeneYus by Young Living as a more masculine scent, great for promoting focus and mental clarity.  Drop a comment with the oils you used in your blend, or how this recipe is working for you!
Not sure where to find Shea butter?  Look here.  You can also substitute Cacao butter - it makes the end result a bit more solid, which is nice if you are putting in a deodorant tube instead of a jar.
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