June promotions from Young Living are spot on perfect for Fathers Day!
100PV (Essential Rewards only)
Citronella - amazing for enjoying the outdoors - dilute in a carrier oil and apply it on your skin, or mix several drops into melted beeswax to make homemade citronella candles for summer bbq!

190PV (Essential Rewards only)
Northern Lights Black Spruce - this one is INTOXICATING!  My husband wears it as cologne!  The Lakota Indians use spruce and believed it helped bring prosperity.  Yes please!

Lime - one of my all time favorites for the diffuser!  But its also great to apply to the skin - especially if you strayed too far from the citronella candle.  (Lime will make your skin more photosensitive, so use on skin covered by clothing)

Peppermint Cedarwood soap - We love peppermint for focus, and cedarwood to calm the mind.  Together in this soap, it's also amazing for supporting healthy skin, and a fresh start to the day or at the end as you wash the day off and prepare to start anew.  My husband requests this particular soap as his favorite bar.   

Ningxia Nitro!!!!  - It has to be followed by lots of exclamation marks, because it's how you feel!  Energized, mentally alert, and focused.  Not the "coffee high" jitters and irritability.  This delicious packet disappears from our fridge often.  And I'm glad he is using them to fuel his energy and his brain.  


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