The MANY ways we use Thieves Cleaner Concentrate...
This one single product has been a game changer in our house!
In addition to the uses in the graphic, we use it as
πŸ’™ Rinse aid in the dishwasher
πŸ’™ wrinkle releaser for clothes
πŸ’™Stove Cleaner
πŸ’™ Wood furniture cleaner
πŸ’™ Upholstery cleaner
πŸ’™ Carpet Cleaner
πŸ’™ Car cleaner
πŸ’™ Windows and mirrors
πŸ’™ dishwashing rinse aid
πŸ’™ stain remover...
We save time, money, and our health with this one simple bottle.  
How have you used the Thieves Cleaner Concentrate?


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