The Scariest Part of Halloween...
It’s not the costumes, the haunted houses, or the movies!  
It’s the CANDY!  
The sweet treats can cause all sorts of dental issues, inflammation all over the body, digestive upset, and worst of all – leave you craving MORE!  (And then it’s followed by 2 months of sweet and savory food treats to satisfy that craving and wreak havoc all season long.)   Oh, and don’t get me started on the artificials in so many of them...  the food dyes (which are neurotoxins – toxic to the brain), the artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners – basically poison for our bodies.   We do indulge in a little candy at Halloween, but those three are NOT allowed. We find alternatives that don’t have them, and make swaps.  
So what is one to do to make it through this holiday and the next few months successfully? 

Here’s a few ideas that can make all the difference!

First off, let’s talk about some easy ways to steer clear of the candy bowl:

One simple way is to inhale Young Living Peppermint essential oil.  Studies have been done showing that it may help people feel more satisfied.  I love to wear Peppermint in my diffuser necklace – so anytime a craving strikes, I can take a quick whiff.

Young Living has formulated some other great products that are great for passing on the treats.  I love keeping a bottle of Slique Essence with me so I can add it to my water throughout the day.  Be sure you are drinking out of glass or stainless steel.   There’s lots of pesky chemicals in plastics that wreak havoc on our bodies too, and its not a good idea to drink out of plastic containers especially with essential oils.

I also keep a pack of Slique gum with me.  Chewing one piece for a few minutes - I notice that the nagging voice in my head asking (rather begging - lets get real) for chocolate quiets.    
And the Slique tea is amazing!  It contains frankincense resin, Ocotea, and spearmint, as well as oolong and cacao.  The ingredients go to work doing what they do to keep my blood sugar stable, make me feel satisfied, and make me feel calm and relaxed.  It also happens to be awesome for detoxifying too, which is a double bonus if you happened to slip up want to get back on track.
On the topic of indulging…   If you did, it’s ok!  Beating yourself up does no good anyway.  Lets talk about what we love for post-indulgence!

Digize is my go-to whenever I eat something that doesn’t sit so well, or just to help my body digest a little easier.   My favorite way to use it is to put a drop of the Digize Vitality on my tongue, and then drink a little water.  It’s also nice to put in a capsule or just add a drop to your water.  We also use Digize topically on the abdomen and feet, and in the diffuser.

Essentialzymes are digestive enzymes that are amazing for helping to break down foods and make them easier to digest.  We like to take them at every meal.

Did you know Young Living has an entire collection of nutritional supplements for cleansing?   That’s right – all the ones with the green labels are fantastic for cleansing.  I can point you to some great resources for finding out more about each one too.
Lastly, lets cover how to keep those pearly whites – pearly and white!  

Young Living has dental care covered for us too!  My favorite is the Thieves Whitening toothpaste, or Thieves Aromabright with a drop of Orange Vitality on top of it.  My husband is a huge fan of the Thieves mouthwash, and the kids love the Kidscents toothpaste.  Don’t forget the Thieves dental floss!


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