2018 Convention

2018 Convention
Ever wondered about this whole Young Living convention thing is all about?  It's a chance to hear the heart of this comapany, an opportunity to learn, to move to the next level in personal development, and to grow.  We are able to witness the Seed to Seal process in action from hand selecting seeds all the way through cultivation, harvesting, testing, distillation, testing and more testing, and bottling and testing and packaging.  It's a chance to connect with like-minded people.  To connect to others on a journey to better wellness.  For self reflection and emotional healing.  It's a place to give back from the overflow of blessings we have received.  There is lots to do, but it's also a place of peace and wonder.  

I've included some of the photos I have from this years convention, as a picture is worth a thousand words.  I really choose for you to come to the 2019 Convention with us.  It's a trip of a lifetime.  www.youngliving.com/2019convention

Going to explore the Young Living Warehouse.  Seeing this part of the Seed to Seal promise was fascinating.  The testing done here is incredible!Jumping for joy in the goldenrod fields!Ride for a cause motorcycles at the farm.  Helping to end sex trafficking around the world.So many plants (spearmint, I believe)Planting!Hands on Seed to SealDistillation chambers - distilling JuniperMy new friend Hazel from MalaysiaShopping!The horses on the farm - they do jousting on farm days and even escort you to your vehicle by horse and buggy.The Young Living organization is all about the next generation, whether it is our children or this adorable foal.The Young Living Foundation supports many organizations, including Healing Faith, Uganda.  This organization provides mosquito nets and malaria treatment and education for the people in Uganda
This is Greg Larsen, he is in charge of the Young Living foundation and all that they do around the world.
Club Red - Ningxia Red shots.  We had fun drinking famous "Bird Bombs" with Justin Bird

New 53mL oils for professional accounts!
Finding Waldo and getting free oils!
Alyssa - one of the amazing customer care professionals.
The exclusive Freedom Blend - available to convention attendees.  (Let's all pray this one becomes available for everyone!)
The oil wall at Corporate Headquarters!